Sage Pastel Partner

Pastel Partner is a smart, intuitive accounting software tailor made for medium sized businesses. Pastel Partner comes with a single user and unlimited company licence you have the option to purchase up to 20 additional user licences. You’ll be able to store 5 years of transactional data while being able to process the current financial year as well as one back. You can create a maximum of 30 cash books including all General Ledger functions.

With Pastel Accounting you are able to:

  • Create your company in minutes with our customisable templates
  • Easily create, manage and customise invoices, quotes and purchase orders
  • Effectively create and manage customers and suppliers
  • Track your inventory in as much detail as you’d like
  • View business-critical information at a glance
  • Quickly perform common tasks with the intuitive interface
  • Create custom financial General Ledger-based reports
  • Add extra modules as and when your business needs them


Microsoft Office Integration

Microsoft Office

Integrate your general ledger, customer and supplier data with Microsoft Office, and export customer and supplier contact information into Microsoft Outlook. The ‘Create Letters’ and ‘Labels Assistant’ allows you to easily set up mail merge documents and labels through Microsoft Word, automatically creating the required data sources and links.

*Microsoft Office 2000 and later required.


Pastel’s flexible customer account setup allows you to configure parameters per customer. For example, you can set individual trading and settlement terms as well as select the e-mail and/or print option for invoices and statements.

Each customer can have multiple delivery addresses and user-defined fields.

Create as many customers as you need – Pastel’s high performance database won’t slow you down as your customer base grows.

The ‘Block Assistant’ allows you to manage your customers and suppliers and ‘block’ them based on pre-defined criteria. Simply select the criteria, by payment terms, overdue days or overdue amounts for example, and Pastel will take care of the rest.


Pastel allows you to enter invoices in a logical and intuitive manner. Save time, ensure accuracy and control back orders by linking quotations and sales orders.

The ‘Recurring Invoice Assistant’ allows you to adjust selling prices dynamically.

If you use this option, the system is able to determine the selling price on a per item basis, using the full selling price hierarchy. These prices are then used instead of the ones on the original recurring invoices.


Pastel Partner’s Automatic Cheque and Remittance Printing facility makes paying your suppliers a simple task. Select a range of suppliers and the payment date. Pastel displays any invoices due for payment in a table. You can edit payment amounts or choose not to pay specific invoices. Pastel automatically generates payments and prints the remittance and cheque for each supplier.

In addition, Pastel can automatically incorporate settlement discounts for early payment terms.

Inventory Items

Pastel Partner can track your inventory in as much detail as necessary. You can create product or service items, establish minimum and maximum stock levels and more. The Pastel Re-order Assistant can also create purchase orders for fulfilment. Pastel allows you to set customer-specific pricing, specify per item which discount types apply, and even set the maximum cost percentage difference and minimum gross profit percentage. There is an extensive list of ready to run reports available, some of which include History Reports, Activity Summaries, Preferred Suppliers and Gross Profit. As your business grows and begins to demand more sophisticated features and functionality, Pastel Partner allows you to add users and modules.

Sage Intelligence ( Formally BIC)

Direct access to business critical information has never been this easy. The Business Intelligence Centre allows you to design standard reporting templates in Microsoft Excel and update these reports directly from Pastel at the click of a button. The BIC module dynamically links Pastel to Excel (a popular data manipulation tool) where your information can be viewed, manipulated, sliced and diced, to give you greater insights into your business. Access your free 90 day trial period upon installing Pastel Partner and take advantage of this user-friendly, intuitive reporting tool.*

Bank Manager

Eliminate the need to capture transactions from your bank statement. Download an electronic bank statement from any major South African bank, map the transactions to the correct accounts, and the system will automatically open the item and assign the transactions for you after each import. Reconciling your bank account has never been quicker or easier.

Add-On Modules


Pastel Partner has full multi-currency processing which can define a currency for each customer, supplier and bank account.*

Project Tracker

Project Tracker allows you to generate reports such as Income Statements and detailed ledgers relating to specific projects, assignments or tasks. The budgets per project code and per ledger account enable you to track actual movement versus budgeted values. Use the hierarchical reporting levels to enable categorised or consolidated reporting to manage multiple disparate projects.*

Point of Sale

Among the many features available in Point of Sale, the fundamentals include full integration into the accounting back office, taking factors such as speed and ease of use seriously. The security features in Point of Sale help to prevent potential theft when cash changes hands. Also available as an offline option.*


Set the prices in one store and copy these to other stores. Link users to one or more stores and prevent users from accessing items in other stores. Transfer items between stores using a Store Transfer Journal and print Transfer Reports.*

Serial Number Tracking

Keep track of individual inventory items that have serial numbers. You can track items from the moment you purchase or manufacture them until you sell them.

You can continue to track them for warranty purposes, for instance, if a customer returns an item for repair.*

Bill of Materials, Kitting & Manufacturing

Create Bills of Materials with an unlimited number of components. Three additional user defined costs are available for costs such as labour, overheads and buy-outs. Components are removed from stock at the time of manufacturing. A Kitting option allows you to link inventory items together, and when invoicing the kit item, the linked items are used.*

Fixed Assets

With features such as an unlimited number of assets and multiple forms of depreciation, Fixed Assets helps you manage and track your fixed assets easily and reliably. Available as a stand-alone module, Fixed Assets is part of the Pastel Evolution range of software. Fixed Assets automatically creates batches of information that can be posted directly to Pastel Partner’s general ledger, thereby avoiding duplicated data entries.*°

* Available as an optional add-on module to Pastel Partner Version 11.

º Can be purchased as a stand-alone module.