Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

What is “cloud”?

Cloud simply means the internet

A definition of Cloud Computing: Use of the Internet to access hardware, software, and other resources that are provided on-demand in order to perform work and other business processes.

So as much as Cloud is now a buzz word in the ICT sector, we have all been using components of it for a long time. Take your Yahoo or Gmail for instance, this is all a combination of server hardware and software hosted by these organisations and published online for our use.

With that in mind, Savanna Cloud ERP is an Enterprise Resource Package which is accessible through a web-browser to manage your organisations information.

The basic difference between on-premise (legacy) ERP and cloud ERP is:

Legacy ERP solutions are installed locally on your company’s hardware and servers and then managed by your IT staff, while cloud ERP—also called SaaS, or Software-as-a-Service—is provided as a service. With this type of deployment, a company’s ERP software and its associated data are managed centrally (in the Internet “cloud”) by the ERP vendor and are accessed by customers using a web browser.

Why Cloud?

The advantages of running a cloud based system like Savanna Cloud ERP are:

  • No software installation
  • No investment in server hardware
  • No IT resources required
  • Platform independent i.e. does not matter what type of computer you are using (Apple, Windows, Linux)
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Predictable costs
  • Secure and dynamic
  • Freedom to work from any where
  • Automatic upgrades
  • Support available when you need it
  • Built from the ground up with web technologies made for low speed internet connection

Savanna Cloud ERP has the following features:

  • Invoicing
  • Dashboard
  • Distribution Management
  • General Ledger & Financial Management
  • Inventory Management with serial number and lot tracking
  • Order Management
  • Bills of Material & Works Orders
  • Project Management
  • Purchasing & Procurement
  • Sales Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Web-Store integration
  • Compliant with ZRA requiremrnts


Deployment Types:

  1. SaaS: Software-as-a-service pay as you use hosted on Savanna Solutions web server
  2. Private Cloud Subscription: Installed on a virtual cloud server, controlled by you
  3. On Site Cloud Server: Installed on a cloud server located at your premises


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